Policies and Rules

1. The General Library shall be opened from 8.30 A. M. to 5.00 P. M. while the College is in session and from 7.30 A. M. to 8. P. M. during vacations. It shall be wholly closed on College holidays and will not be closed during the Annual Inspection. No books shall be issued to students for use in the Reading Rooms within the last half-hour previous to daily closing.

2. The Librarian is empowered to close the General Library or any section or Sections when he thinks circumstances justify it; particular of every such case must be reported to the library Committee at their next meeting.

3. Members of the classes hereinafter mentioned in Rule 10 (i-vi) may consult books in the Reading Rooms intended for them.

4. Students of the College who have obtained the necessary admission card shall be entitled to have not more than two books at one time for use in the Reading Rooms set apart for them, but they shall not bee allowed, except as hereinafter mentioned, to take books outside the Library premises.

5. Students who have completed a course of study in the College and are eligible to appear at any University or Government Competitive Examinations shall be permitted to use the College Library under the same conditions as those applicable to regular students on deposit of a sum of TK. 25.00 by the students in the Faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, Commerce and Law and TK. 50.00 by the students of the Faculties of Science and biological Sciences as caution money in each case provided that the Provost concerned certifies that they are resident at Dhaka and are preparing for University or Government Competitive Examinations. Such students may also be allowed, with the sanction of the Librarian to take out books not exceeding one at a time, for home use if the deposit TK. 25.00 or TK. 50 as the case may be as Library Caution Money in addition to the sum of TK. 25.00 or TK. 50.00 mentioned above. Books so taken out must be returned within three days from the date of issue and defaulters shall be liable to pay a fine of .25 paisa per volume for each week or part of a week beyond the date of return and the may also forfeit the right of borrowing books at the discretion of the Librarian.